Usability Testing

The true test of any website is how people actually view and use the site.  Be it a random user or specified profession or market, testing your site for ease of use and function is critical for a great website.

Successful websites are sites that have been tested and adjusted based on user feedback.

When have you people perform Usability Test on your site, keep in mind the four simple things:

You are testing the Site NOT the Users.  It is key to ensure that users do not think that you are testing them. You must help them understand that they are helping you test the prototype or Web site.

Performance vs. Subjective Measures.  It is key to measure both performance and subjective (preference) metrics. Performance measures include: success, time, errors, etc. Subjective measures include: user’s self reported satisfaction and comfort ratings.  Keep in mind that people’s performance and preference do not always match. Often users will perform poorly but their subjective ratings are very high. Conversely, they may perform well but subjective ratings are very low.

Make Use of What You Learn.  Usability testing is not just a milestone to be checked off on the project schedule. The content owner and developer must consider the testing results, reset priorities, and change the prototype or site based on findings that occured during the testing and on feedback was given by the user.

Find the Best Solution. Nearly all projects face constraints of time, budget, and resources. Balancing testing results with project constraints will be one of the major challenges of the project.

Edge Technology Consulting can assist you in arranging testers, test facilities or remote testing solutions.  Contact our Usability Testing Consultant today.