AV Dude is sort of a technology jack of all trades.

I enjoy tinkering in almost every area of technology. I have spent the last twenty years in the commercial audio video industry in all types of rolls from stock-boy to operations manager in every aspect of the AV sales and integration business. In addition I have several years experience in the hotel and corporate AV service industry.

 As a hobby I began to teach myself some programming a few years ago and now do quite a bit of custom programming in ASP/.Net and PHP. I have extensive experience in WordPress and wordpress plugin development. Additionally I can do Crestron control systems GUI and control software including custom modules. As a byproduct of my web programming I have become fluent in graphic design and creation utilizing photoshop and illustrator.
As I said, jack of all trades!

If you have a challenge and need help developing a solution, please contact me today at consultant@avdude.com


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